This is My Story

Chuck and Marita are opposite in many ways, but similar in the ones that are most important. Chuck’s life path has been straight and stable. He’s left brained. Marita’s has been circuitous and varied. She’s right brained.

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Which Personality is the Most Difficult to Identify?

list of words

Without understating the importance of the first two instructions listed above—making selections based on natural personality, and using the word definitions—the Peaceful Phlegmatic’ s profile results often come out differently from the perception of those who live and/or work with him or her. In fact, the section of the Wired That Way Profile on Understanding the Scores, offers this insight for those whose scores indicate being fairly even across all four Personality Types: “You may be a Peaceful Phlegmatic who simply has trouble making choices.”

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Living in Strength

Wouldn’t it be great if each of us had our rough edges smoothed out a bit—that we would have been enlightened enough to have worked to eliminate our offensive traits. But look around. Your friends and family have probably not evolved to the place where you only see their strengths. While your weaknesses may not…

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