Communication Plus! (Book)


Florence and Marita’s classic training for speakers and writers in book form.

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Finally we now have a book that parallels the CLASSeminar! If you’ve been to the CLASSeminar, Communication Plus will be a great refresher. If you’ve not yet been able to get to a CLASSeminar, this will be a wonderful resource giving you all of the core teaching in one handy manual. The first section, “Communication,” addresses public speaking—more specifically how to craft a presentation. Two especially important chapters are “Putting Power in Your Presentation” that features Marita’s popular teaching on PIER and Florence’s powerful teaching “Putting Heart in Your Presentation.” The “Plus” section focuses on the additional information you want once you have your message—spoken or written—prepared. Here you will lean about how speaking and writing fit together and steps for earning a living as a speaker. There is also an appendix on “Dressing for the Platform” with insights from the CLASS image consulting team. These are just a few of the highlights you will find in this complete guide to communicating effectively. S112 Regal, Paperback, 191 Pages


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