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Do you want to better understand yourself, maximize your strengths, and improve your relationships? Understanding how we are wired can enrich our lives and our relationships, helping to overcome differences that can seem irreconcilable. Instead of terminating jobs, friendships, or marriage on grounds of incompatibility, it is possible to turn these relationships from dying to growing. The Littauers’ self-explanatory, self-scoring Wired That Way Personality Online Profile is your tool to understand others and to be understood. This valuable knowledge is applicable from the nursery to the nursing home and the bedroom to the boardroom.

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14 reviews for Wired That Way Online Profile

  1. Christine Sneeringer (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about this test! Super helpful to see in black and white what my strengths and weaknesses are—every personality has both! Accurate, easy-to-digest information provides insight for self awareness and understanding why I do the things I do. It was especially helpful in understanding why certain things are more of a challenge for me. As a sanguine I struggle with details. Knowing this, in my work I make sure to hire a detail person because I find details tedious. And that’s ok because that’s how I’m wired! I also highly recommend the book, Personality Plus, to unpack my test results even more. It gave me greater insight into myself and others and my relationships improved as a result! I have recommended the test to many friends and family.

  2. Doreen Hanna (verified owner)

    25 years ago i took the personality profile test and failed it! Why? Because i wasn’t being honest about who God created me to be! Embracing the truth of who I was truly equipped me to step forward and become the founder of world reaching non-profit and a published author. Things I never dreamed or imagined possible until I discovered my God given personality. Thank you Florence and Marita. Forever gratefully yours.

  3. Scotty Smith (verified owner)

    After listening to the audio book, was hoping the test was a little bit more in-depth to help uncover some of the Masking aspects. I know it has to be hard to develop questions in such away to uncover someone’s personality, and then to help them grasp the mask they ware too. I also a little caught off guard by some of the descriptions in weakness. From a counseling point of view I might reword some of the weakness in such away that wouldn’t make the other spouse suspicious when looking at results? This is why I gave it 4 starts. Just like the book was updated to include the tweaks of the present, I believed that the testing could be updated as well to included more current concepts of where the book has adapted too. The concepts are right on just want to help push to the further development of what you have and what can be! Thank you for being willing to push forward and further develope the Concepts, Material, and Study of personalities. Looking forward to what it will become.

  4. Gary Frizzell (verified owner)

    Wanted a DVD Training Profile for futre use

    • Marita Littauer (verified owner)

      We do have several DVDs. Can you give me more information on what you are looking for?

  5. JAMES MCCLEMENTS (verified owner)

    My Highest praise for all of your research and priority of efforts in the development of this priceless tool.
    Now at age 80 and in our 60th year of marriage, and only 2nd to our Christian Faith, we treasure the early knowledge of Personality Types which we learned from the work of Florence Littauer and her many books on the subject such as the “Personality Tree”. We have shared this with everyone especially our children and Grandchildren.
    This is a priceless resource for all young people seeking a career direction that can match the God given strengths of their personality.
    For couples before marriage, this knowledge will save marriages, reduce divorces and save the pain to all family members (especially the children) when a family is torn apart due to a lack of personality knowledge.
    Your program should be required by all couples before marriage the same as a blood test requirement.
    About 5 years ago I was led to create a web site to encourage men to read Proverbs every day and reread the Proverbs again each month using the date of the month for each of the 31 verses. I give a free small booklet with the Proverbs to everyone I meet.
    The website is http://www.ProverbsforWisdom.com.
    Thank you for changing one person at a time, while changing the world!
    Ed & Carol Mc Clements

  6. Andi

    The test and book are such a great resource for my relationships at home and at work. I would love to know how to be a certified personality trainer, but I do not see information about this on the website.

  7. Kathy Miller

    Years ago, God used this valuable information to help transform my life and continue the healing process with my husband. I thought my husband was the same as me and looked at life the same as I did. What a revelation when I realized he was a different personality and saw things diametrically different than me. What peace to know I didn’t have to take his actions personally and respond to him with anger and defensiveness. I’m so glad this significant information is now available for years to come. I hav used this information to help others. I’m so grateful for Florence and Marita Littauer. Bravo!!!!

  8. murr8@bellsouth.net (verified owner)

    AS an associate pastor, marriage mentor, Risk Avoidance instructor I refer to WTW in so many different venues. I would love to be certified in this material and expand this information to the people I work with. Please let me know what this entails.

    • Marita Littauer (verified owner)

      Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any certification training and do not plan to anytime in the near future. Please join our Certified Personality Trainer Facebook group where you can interact with others who use the WTW materials. Through the events tab, you can also access previous online training that we have available.

  9. Jeff Swanson

    Our organization is increasingly asking people to take on line assessments.
    We pay for assessments and are looking for a way to simplify using Wired that Way electronically.
    Can we prepay for ~100 assessments from your organization at a time and then send directly to people without having them pay to use?

    • Marita Littauer (verified owner)

      Yes, you can! Just call me at 505-239-8998 and I’ll explain how it works and we can get you set up!

    • Marita Littauer (verified owner)

      Yes, of course!

  10. AntonioVeddy

    Understanding how we are wired can enrich our lives and our relationships, helping to overcome differences that can seem irreconcilable. Instead of terminating jobs, friendships, or marriage on grounds of incompatibility, it is possible to turn these relationships from dying to growing. Wired That Way Personality Profile.

  11. Linda Jordan (verified owner)

    The Questions wording challenged me. Because all didn’t match up…but results were the same as pass survey test…
    Thanks for personality awareness survey..

  12. Malda Burns

    I have been teaching and using the Class personality assessments, Wired That Way for over 20 years. It was good to listen and read what Marita wrote on her blog as a refresher.I also garnered some new approaches for presentation. Especially valuable to me was the time frames for short presentations.

    Malda Burns

  13. Angelina

    Good to know about different kind of natural people. It was helpful.

  14. Scarlett Sears (verified owner)

    very interesting

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