Wired That Way Portfolio (Book edition)


10 full-color worksheets–one for each chapter of the book.

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A complete overview on the teaching on the Personalities as featured in the Wired That Way book at your fingertips! The Wired That Way Personality Portfolio–book edition is designed for those who prefer their information in a quick review format and/or for those who need teaching aids on The Personalities. The glossy white portfolio’s graphics coordinate with all Wired That Way collection and will consist of one Wired That Way Personality Profile and ten different self-explanatory worksheets–each addressing a different aspect of The Personalities. The worksheets are full color and include topics the following ten topics–one for each chapter of the book: The Personalities (foundation and background); Quick Tips for Bringing Out the Plus In Your Personality;Living in Strength; Personality Blends; Emotional Needs and Wellness; Marital Balance Sheet; Understanding Children’s Personality; Communicating with Personality; Piecing Together the Personalities in Your Workplace; Personality and Spiritual Life–sold as a complete set. Individual worksheets are also available. Please call for additional information on quantity discounts.


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