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The easy-to-use questionnaire to help you maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

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In each grouping of four words, select the one word that most accurately describes who you are naturally.

  • If you had to take a class or read a book to learn a certain behavior, it is not who you are naturally.
  • If you have been forced to take on a role for your job and now function that way fairly naturally, do not check that word. That would be a learned behavior, not a natural one.
  • If you are unsure of which words to choose, ask friends or family. Those who live and work with you day in and day out, who see you at your best and your worst, often know you better than you know yourself. People often have a lot of baggage tied up in who they think they are, and input from others can be insightful.
  • Ideally, check only one word in each four-word grouping. If there are two words that seem equal to you and you cannot decide between the two, select both of them. While using this method will not add up perfectly to the total score of 40—as the profile was designed—you will get the most accurate results.
  • Once you have selected the appropriate words to describe who you are naturally, your results will be instantly available in a bar graph. From the bar graph, there are links that will give you additional information, in a pop-up window, about your Personality. At the bottom of the pop-up, you will find links to even more helpful information. Clicking on them will open up a new tab. Once you've read all you need, close that pop-up window by using the X at the top right side and you will return to the page with your scores. It is important that you screenshot or print the bar graph as you will not be able to return to that page later.

Additionally, once you complete the Wired That Way Online Personality Profile, you will receive an email from (it may go to your spam folder) with links to supporting information that you will be able to refer to over and over.